Walnut Projects

Real estate

Owning your own house is a dream for many. In practice, it is not always possible to obtain a mortgage, even if you can afford it.

Walnut launches on short notice the first use of crypto funding for property. As a Asset Backed Coin. We work from the thesis that obtaining loans must be done responsible, the product needs to give comfort and guaranties to both house owner and investor. 

We are working on the last details to launch the first whitepaper soon.

Real estate

  • Pre Sale: 26 February
  • Pre ITO: 5 - 25 March
  • ITO: 1 - 30 April
  • € 1,500,000
  • The Netherlands

Car Subscription Project

It seems to be a big step from owning a car to subscribing to one. We believe that a subscription to a car let’s you choose the best of both worlds.

We are working on a model that allows families to use electric or hybrid car models whenever they need. Cars can be changed within a pool of same priced models. 

We will be providing more information as soon as possible.


  • 1 August 2018
  • € 1,000,000
  • The Netherlands