We are Walnut Ventures

We strongly believe in the power of the individual to contribute to a better world. 

We like to contribute our two cents to sustainability and responsibility to the society and environment.

We do so by developing and investing in business ideas that give families

the possibility to participate and profit from developments in sustainability,

quality in education and healthcare.

We develop and realise ideas
We develop and realise ideas that help nowadays families get a grip on their lives. Think healthcare, childcare or education. Innovative and disruptive ideas are always welcome. We like to join forces to contribute to better chances for youth and family.
We help with funding
We try to realise ideas by funding them. We use a broad variety of instruments, from standard banking facilities to Initial Coin Offerings, or a combination. We do strongly believe that this time can prove that the community can provide.
We help with marketing & branding
Not only our own projects. We like to help you to get the show on the road. We like to be creative, innovative and without obstacles. But also with a target and your budget in mind.