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Property near Amsterdam

Sold: 200.00 Walnuts W156648

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Current price 1 Walnut = 0.01 ETH

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ITO in short

This ITO funds the Financial Lease of a property near Amsterdam. The W156648 token is an asset backed token, since the ownership of the property stays with the issuing Foundation, until all tokens are bought back. Investors receive interest, which is added to the token value each month and share in the profits when the property is sold.

Asset backed

The token is asset backed. The legal ownership of the property only shifts when all tokens are bought back.


Transparant. Interest is added to the token monthly. Outstanding number of tokens decreases in time. 


Safe. Property is pledged to the token by a deed. 

We are thrilled to share with you our Whitepaper. 
This Whitepaper explains the way we see financing property through issuing tokens. Just click our logo on the left to see it on screen.
Or you can download the print version here.

The Walnut Treasury Foundation issues the coins. The hardcap is in Euro: € 1,500,000. With the proceeds of the tokens the house is bought by the Foundation and leased to the customer. When all tokens are bought back, the ownership shifts from the Foundation to the customer.

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