Generations Fund

We believe setting up our Generations Fund will contribute to a better environment for families and children. It will allow families to profit from better health plans and better education. A lot of work needs to be done. We are now laying the ground-stone for a solid fund.
First of all, the fund needs to be well managed. That means that over the next period of time, we will built a team that will be managing the fund. We need to built the website, so we can provide (as promised) up-to-date information about the progress that our investments will make.

Generations Platform

Very important is also the Generations Platform, that helps families ‘manage’ their lives. This platform serves as a library for important information about (medical) history, but also events that took or take place. 
Every educational or medical contributor to family life needs to be able to lock in, obtain necessary information and add his/hers information to it. A giant log per family member is being built in this way.
A lot of important and sensitive information is being stored, so questions about GDPR needs to be answered and the security needs to be at the highest level. 
Blockchain technology is in our opinion the solution to store and provide all this information. We will go deeper into this in another blog. 

Generations Fund

The fund itself will have an initial size of about € 100 million. An enormous amount of money, but only the beginning. We believe that, to consequently fight the inequality we mentioned in other blogs, a lot more is required. But, let’s start with this amount and prove our point and the succes of the approach.
Basically, the fund will operate as a traditional fund does. It earns money by managing the acquired companies well and pays dividend to her investors. The fund management is paid according the management agreement that will be drafted. 
The fund will be used to built the Generations Platform, invest in companies that provide the coverage of alle the services we will provide to families, funding startups in services that are non existent at this moment and funding a foundation that provides ‘scholarships’ to families that aren’t able to use the services.
The fund strategy is shortly described as buy-and-hold. We want to add value to the portfolio companies over a long period of time. The combination of portfolio companies will lead to growth in revenues as well as optimising costs. 

Investing Process / Implementing Blockchain in Private Equity

We believe we can move on from the traditional handling of Private Equity into a blockchain driven organisation. This means that the entire file of a optional portfolio company is built up in blockchain architecture. We believe this secures the integrity of the file, towards coworkers, investors and the companies themselves. 
Let’s take a look at the investing process:
Fund Process

Work begins

Now, the actual work begins. Based on the information that is gathered in step 2, fund management has based her ideas on how to implement the new company into the fund philosophy. Within the first 100 days, changes will be implemented to establish a proper working relationship between all portfolio companies.
All reports, changes, achievements, they all will be received and registered in the fund ledger. In this way, we guarantee openness to our investors. 

Ledgers allover

The overall fund platform as well as the family support system, they both are very suited to function based on blockchain technology. Both ledgers contain important and privacy sensitive information. On the other hand, both ledgers will provide the possibility to work together without boundaries. 
Although we are working hard in our small team to get all of this sorted out and on the road, we love to meet people that can help us to set up the fund and broaden our knowledge. Investment analysts, risk and compliance specialists as well as blockchain experts are invited to join us.
Are you interested or can you provide us with feedback? Please do not hesitate to join us on Social Media, Telegram or by e-mail. 


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