Finance not only your home with an ICO

We had a lot of positive reponses to my first article about this subject. In fact we found a launching customer and we issuing tokens for the first project this and next months.

We also had a lot of questions asked. Most important questions: Does this only work in the Netherlands? and Is it only for houses?

The research we did so far let us to believe we can offer this product in European countries. And of course, the product can be used for business property and real estate development as well.

We want to support families in the challenges of nowadays life.


Working from our mission, funding sustainable buildings is well within our reach, since it provides a better working and living environment. To fund these projects we will discuss the contribution to environment and improved working and living conditions as well as the financials. There must be a solid business plan that takes all of these elements into account. 

Needless to say that every funding project will be made to measure. Calculations need to be made as well as a project and funding schedule. The ‘CIO standard’ pre-sale, pre-ico and ico can perfectly match the necessary financing rounds a real estate project needs. A solid understanding and due diligence will be neccesary to do a token issuing with concrete information and ROI projections.

We are convinced that this could and should work and are in discussion with a number of potential projects at this point. I think it is a good thing that we as a community can, independent from large institutions provide the neccesary to built a better world.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, or you want to join our investor group to join the funding of this projects regurarly, please contact me via social media or email (


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