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The first property funding with an token issuing starts Monday March 5, 2018.

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We develop ideas that help nowadays families get a grip on their lives. Think healthcare, childcare or education. Experience learns that government controlled facilities tend to change slowly, we like to speed things up.


We try to realise our ideas by funding them. We use a broad variety of instruments, from standard banking facilities to Initial Coin Offerings, or a combination. We do strongly believe that this time can prove that the community can provide.


No succes without marketing. We offer marketing services for our clients. It varies from traditional hardcopy to social media. We believe we offer a well balanced solutions that keeps the targeted audience as well as your budget in mind.

our team

Martin van der Linden

Seasoned manager with a lot of experience in distressed companies, (re)financing and building startups. Experienced in general management, finance and compliance.

Kayleigh van Laren

With her sharp and analytic mind the backbone of our team. Officemanager and project analysis.

Amélie Ruijters

Experienced manager in education and childcare. Successfully launched multiple startups. Creative thinker with a natural feeling for marketing. Creates whatever her eyes see and never stops learning.

Care for yourself,
Care for each other


Family Care

We care for the modern family and its needs. Obstetrics, Maternity care, Childcare, Education are all key focus elements in our vision. We want to be innovative and disruptive to built a better future for generations te come.

Car Subscriptions

Investing in a car can be a necessary evil for families. Resulting in an used model with lack of modern safety and polluting. We work on a subscription model with all electric or hybrid models. In several price ranges and sizes, fulltime or parttime.   

Leasing Property

Owning a house in a good neighbourhood to raise your children. Most families’ dream, but far away for some. We offer an extra financing method, based on an ICO. More choice can make the difference.

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